Monday, April 19, 2010

True Lies Too

Set in an alley just off the party.
Boy and girl are talking.
New girl joins the group and kisses boy on lips. (her boyfriend)
Boy asks new girl 'where have you been?'
As she answers, we cut to the dialogue playing over the footage of her evening.
After she finishes, it cuts back to the group in the alley.
New boy arrives and kisses the first girl. (his girlfriend)
The first girl then asks 'Well what took you so long?'
He answers, we cut to the dialogue playing over the footage of his evening.
New boy afterwards asks original boy and girl 'So hows the party?'
They answer together explaining their night and we cut to the dialogue playing over the footage of their evening.
The footage though is slightly off what they are actually saying and we end with them fucking in the toilets. (possibly could tie this idea in with the couple fucking in Alex's idea)
Footage then cuts back to the group in the alley and we leave them in silence with their partners oblivious to being cheated on.


  1. Its seems that maybe there is a lot of dialogue.
    However no words will be wasted. Each will reveal much about the characters and the plot.

  2. this is a cool idea.
    Dialogue would have to be spot on, but i think you guys can make it happen.
    It seems like it'll run pretty short. Have you thought of making it longer? Or do you see the middle section with the overlay footage running for a couple of minutes?

    'True lies too' - dig at the Schwarzenegger film??

  3. hey sam, this could be great. make sure there is more to this than just the gag of revealing the lies through footage. try and find another angle which makes the story interesting. this could be their relationships with each other, or their situation, or anything really.

  4. Cool.
    If there is tension between the characters when they are in the alley this will make the cutaway vision a lot more interesting.
    It might help to give each character a strong backstory.
    I like the idea of at first having subtle differences between their accounts and the flashbacks and by the end there being a massive contrast. ie: passionate sex

  5. I like the juxtaposition of their final dialogue and visuals. What about the first two flashbacks/versions? What story do they tell and how can you make them relevant? Perhaps they both see/suspect something with their partners or you could subtly show something going on before the final reveal?