Thursday, April 15, 2010

Black Guys in St Kilda

Great Job Derry!

Ok, so here is my Synopsis:

An Asian boy is on his way to a party, dressed to the nines.
He has the address in hand, and as he arrives at the house, although it doesn't look completely right, he hears music coming from that general direction, so he rings the doorbell.
A religious Jewish family answer and sit him at a table. To shy and awkward, he goes along with it.
He then endures a 3 -4 hour Passover feast, all the while hearing the party next door and seeing vague evidence of it throughout the night.
At the end of the night he leaves, not saying anything, and walks home.

The End.


  1. I feel like Woody Allen meets darker Cohen's. i like it.

  2. Very good. The boy's longing is what drives it.
    I think that perhaps at the end he should run into some of the party dregs. He just looks at them, this other world.

  3. I agree with Alex. The boy's longing is crucial and could be a way for us not only to laugh at the scenario but to maybe even connect with him and sympathise?

    I can see this film re-occuring throughout the whole presentation. We keep cutting back to this poor dude who is STILL stuck with this family while all the fun is occurring in the other films.

  4. Just saw an awesome episode of Curb your enthusiasims (ep 1 season 6) where it had Larry stuck at a house when he wanted to get to a party. It could give you some ideas with the awesome tension it creates of wanting to be somewhere else.