Thursday, April 15, 2010

crazy kids

In hindsight- this is more of a script than a synopsis- but it's what I feel comfortable with.
Keen for feedback. Thanks.

Two 11 year old boys- TOM and JERRY- are in the kitchen, looking for food to eat.
It's Tom's house. His parents are out. His older brother- CHRIS- is in the shower, getting ready for the PARTY. He can faintly be heard (poorly) singing a Stones song.
Jerry complains to Tom.

'There's never anything goo to eat at your place!'
'Well mum only shops once a week.'

Suddenly, there is a KNOCK at the door. The boys race to the door. They open it to greet a guy in his mid 20's. The guy is smoking a cigarette and holds a container of chocolate brownies. He looks surprised by the boys:

'Hey. Uh.. is Chris home?'
'Nah, he's in the shower...'
'Oh, um.. can you just tell him that I can't come tonight... and give him these.'
The guy hands over the container slowly, doubting the boy's intentions.
'Uh... yeah... thanks.'
'Thanks dude.'

Tom takes the container inside and closes the door. Jerry smiles and grabs the container and goes to the coffee table in the living room and puts it down.

Jerry- 'Alright! Brownies!'
'What are they?'
'You've never had chocolate brownies before?'
'Oh Tom, you're missin' out! My Grandma makes them all the time!'
'Well that guy said they were for Chris...'
'He won't mind. We'll only have a couple!'

Jerry opens the container and grabs a brownie and takes a bite. Tom does the same.

'....Oh.. wow.'
'...these taste different to my Grandma's.'
Tom moves his jaw around slowly.
'Is your mouth meant to go numb?'

Jump cut a brief montage of boys: taking several bites of the brownies; being amazed by their skin; laughing and smiling; going back for more brownies; hugging each other;

They sit on the couch spaced out.

Chris comes downstairs to where the boys are. He looks at the boy's motionless bodies, and then quickly to the half empty container on the table. Stunned.

CUT to Tom's POV: everything in the frame is psychedelic- the colours; objects movings around; the room is like a lava lamp. Through Tom's ears, we hear Chris' distorted voice. It's barely audible:


The guys laugh hysterically.

CUT back to room

The guys laugh silently.


Chris pulls Tom up by the collar with both hands. Tom opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out- it's as if he's forgotten how to communicate. He stumbles around the room whilst Tom slurs:


Jerry laughs (silently) at this.

Chris throws his hands up in the air in dismay.

Tom laughs. Then looks worried. Then throws up all over the table- including the container.


  1. autobiographical is it Dan? i wonder, ha ha. i liked the idea, that's not coming from past experience, not me, never, and it has gus van sant at his lighter moments, truth and humor. my only suggestion is that it should be more than just a couple of kids getting massively stoned, nothing preachy, but subtle because being that ripped is often very unsubtle.

  2. daniel. you've been busy... i think this idea is interesting. if it was told with realism it could be really effective however i think the ending should be rethunk. use the weed as a vehicle for something else to happen maybe. suprise the audience.

  3. In my experience, eating a large quantity of those types of baked goods would more likely lead to massive freak out and fear of death.
    To be honest, I think the accidental eating of the hash cake thing has been done and may hold little interest for a modern audience.

  4. Were you eating brownies when you were 11, Dan?

    I tend to agree with Alex. If you're going to tackle such a scenario it needs something more original and interesting to bypass expectations of an audience who is so accustomed to seeing stoners on screen.

    The ending also needs something else. What if they were to leave before Chris comes down to find a half-eaten (or even empty) container and he freaks out to go look for them? Just something that came to mind.