Monday, April 26, 2010

The carrot in your vomit

thought i might make a post finally.

i guess the idea im running with is:

Pre-Party: a guy walks up to the car, having just gotten a bottle of wine before the bottleshop closed. They sit in the car drinking wine and eating fast food, it'll be almost completely dialouge driven. Three of them talk shit for a few minutes before the silent one coats the driver with a strawfull of cola. This sparks a semi-serious play fight in which the four of them pair off to wrestle around the car. It starts to escalate as they start getting minor injuries and climaxes when one of them loses a bottle of wine to the ashphalt. They all stand around in stunned silence, which is only broken when one of them gets the text of the location to the party. the final shot is all four of them, sitting in the car, battered and bruised, driving to the party.

tell me what you think. i was toying with the idea of them all being on bikes.


  1. It's a cool, basic idea.
    It might get a bit claustrophobic inside the car, so bikes could be a better option. Although having said that, a tight, closed off environment might add to the tension of the situation.

    When the guys are talking about shit it obviously needs to be really engaging and funny to keep the audience involved- not just to fill time until the fight.

  2. Liking it Dave.

    I think that the car is good idea, in that it's an easy single location.

    If you don't mind coke all over the inside..

  3. I agree with Ben that the car is easier. But to my mind, the car is a very familiar location and bikes may represent our actual lives better and be more original.
    You implanted a great image in my mind of the crew fighting in the middle of a deserted intersection under the dramatic yellow streetlights. Bikes being thrown aside and the smash of the wine bottle, stillness...beep beep of the text message.