Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We watch a range of different people using the facilities at the house party. The action is viewed through the reflection in the mirror. The music throbs through the walls.

George nervously shelves a pill.
Young Simon fills a UDL can with water.
Jade applies mascara and smears a touch of perfume in between her legs.
Bridgette squats on the toilet texting on her phone.
Chris tries to kiss his mate James who reacts in shock.
Bridgette takes an electric toothbrush out of her hand bag and brushes her teeth.
Penny swigs her rum and checks her ass in the mirror.
Jade bends over the sink while James fucks her from behind.
Chris applies lipstick and cries.
Young Simon sways and spues on the floor.
Eddie avoids the pool of spue and takes a piss without touching anything.
George splashes his face with water and touches his gums, fascinated. He dances in a circle and slips over in the pool of spue. He laughs.


  1. hey alex. don;t really have any criticisms. like it. is this set to a track? will there be sound effects and dialogue? this would be a great film for a crossover of a few characters from other films. provides the opportunity for a great connection right in the middle of the presentation. it makes me giddy.

  2. Jade is a filth kitten. Rad Alex. I can see this.

  3. yeah I agree - It would be a great connection with characters from the other films.
    good stuff.

  4. Yes well I imagine there will be a track in the background. It swells when people open the door.

    I think it could work using characters from other films. It needs to be consistent though. Their behaviour would need to match what we see in the other films. And they need to be able to act. No dud handballs.
    But yes. It could work.

  5. i liked this idea from the moment i heard it. i agree the characters from other films need to be consistent but there is the possibility to write in those characters as well. not sure what you think but the possibility of having this one film spread through out introducing and exit relevant characters to their relevant stories. would need to be planed out.

  6. I'm a little late to the party but I like these ideas Alex. I like the simplicity of one location yet many characters and the diversity between them. It also manages to encapsulate the essence of a house party without actually showing the party. It's strong because I'm sure everyone who watches will relate to at least one of them. It's funny too which is always a plus in short films.

  7. I think all of the characters should appear at least twice.
    Have them at the start of the party.
    then a couple of hours in.
    then at the end.
    so there's a bit more of a story to it.
    and so the characters go on a journey- even if we only see glimpses of the journey- i think it'll make it stronger. it would definitely be a bonus if they're all characters from other films.
    just thoughts.

  8. Said it once and I'll say it again... AWESOME!