Friday, May 7, 2010

Blog goes South

From the ashtray, cigarette smoke drifts toward the ceiling. The dim light bulb in the kitchen illuminates Frank as he sits at the end of the table. His cigarettes and a glass of neat scotch sit side by side, like little toy soldiers as if waiting for their next assignment.

Music, laughter and chaos spill into Frank’s kitchen from a noisy gathering in the adjoining house. He sits in silence staring straight ahead. A big sip of scotch, he sniffs and takes a long drag of the cigarette. Franks sits in silence.

In the front garden, revellers arrive at the party next door, casually tossing empty bottles into the garden as if the world was their oyster.

Frank peeks suspiciously out his front door as if he was unsure what to expect from the night fallen sky. A raucous bunch of young twenty something’s drink from long necks and smoke cigarettes whilst leaning against Frank’s fence.

A empty liquor bottle is picked up off the grass. Two green beer bottles are thrown into a recycling bin. A broken wine glass is swept to one side. A bent stem on a glorious flower stem is snapped and hangs there, swinging gently side-to-side.

Frank sits in the shadows of his porch, his old brown leather chair squeaks as he eases into it. Frank sits in silence.

A young girl creeps into the front yard holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a white balloon in the other. She positions herself behind a bush shielding herself from the road. Squatting and pants down she begins to urinate. The white balloon gives away her location as the front door of the house swings closed.

Frank sits back down at his kitchen table, the fridge buzzes, the music outside is louder now, a loud crash comes from the side of the house.

Scotch cascades into a glass over ice. The doorbell rings. At the door, the young girl sways side to side staring at Frank. Still holding the balloon and wine she asks him if he would like a drink, Frank closes the front door.

In the kitchen sink Frank rinses two glasses.

Frank overturns a dusty wooden box on the porch and motions for the young girl to sit in his chair. Frank pours two generous glasses of amber liquid. They drink and watch the partygoers out the front in a comfortable silence, refill their glasses, smoke cigarettes, and drink. All in a comfortable silence as if the shadows of the porch were some magic cocoon from the outside world.

The night goes on as the party becomes more and more wild.

The young girl hands Frank a sparkler. He smiles, lights it with his cigarette. She lights her own and wanders out into the front yard and onto the crowded street. Frank sits in silence, his sparkler burns, and fizzes. Frank sits in silence.


I thought our epic three hour love-in was a cracking success. There's some great ideas floating around and I feel like films are actually going to get made which is great.

People feel free to post new drafts or completely new ideas on this blog if you want to continue to get critical feedback.
Those who couldn't make it or send in their idea it may be a good idea to post it to gauge the groups support, make sure it fits in the chronology and we're not repeating ourselves, and get some handy feedback.

We decided in the meeting that each party does not have to be specifically the same party. You don't need to shoot at the same location or include the same address. Rather, the films will all represent a night of parties across Melbourne town, say SATURDAY JUNE 15.
Remember to start your film with something going into somebody's mouth. Doesn't have to be a close up, just a motif to link the films.

Warehouse screening and ACMI were floated ideas. I personally think that we should embrace a gritty urban Melbourne and have the event in a suitable location (like Mikey's warehouse).
Still open to ideas but a group of organisers will need to be convened by the end of the month. So let us know if you're interested in organising the screening and any rad ideas you might have.


I've just pasted Ben's minutes of the meeting below.

Jimmy's Film (Get off my lawn guy & Balloon girl)

  • Love the girl
  • Love the sparkler – this is awesome
  • Alex not sure about the close ups of whiskeys (I don't have a problem with whiskeys- A)
  • Pleasantly surprised that he just wanted company, on the outside a bit of a clint eastwood style fellow. Nice.
  • Would a girl do that? - Perhaps she needs a trigger.
    Is this to be a surreal situation or realistic where perhaps she notices him on the balcony or he lights a cigarette to reveal himself etc..
  • Derry personally sees this is not surreal.

Derry's Film (Jogger)

  • Not sure about the whole acid thing
  • Derry says it's a work in process, dialogue isn't written.
  • Derry more keen on second one, second one seems better got Alex's imagination
  • Alex things it should be early morning, shouldn't find his way home, perhaps he ends with his rolling cigarette, and jogger runs past.\
  • Jogger is a good acid related link.
  • Get an abandoned street, early morning light is gold.
    Perhaps inbetween Brunswick and Nicholson st.
    Abandoned buildings
  • Dave liked the first one more, as it was something very hard thing to write.
    Alex says it's more in his head, strange. Second one my grounded more visual.
  • Alex: Sounds of gravel crunching, touches car and alarm goes on.
    Could be funny.

Mikey's Film (Baptism of Uzi)

  • Derry think's this is the peak, where everyone loses their shit.
    Two or so hours that are completely lost.
  • Would be nice to have some quiet time. After Anita's?
  • Derry says it's a work in process, dialogue isn't written.
  • Mikey will shoot with Baptism of Uzi and without, to see whether it works.
    It is a driving powerful song, so perhaps it will work with it.
  • Derry thinks it will be a good film clip, but we should tailor away from it to make it into a short film.
  • Mikey is attempting to make it into a cool piece.
  • Luke: Unsure how to shoot final fire shot.
    Mikey: Long shot with one closeup. - Manikin drenches in fuel.
  • Stand totally still. Will look ridiculous but cool.
  • Derry not sure whether Manikin will work. In terms of realness.
    Could fall into skit territory, look funny but not really real.
    Derry doesn't get anything out of these moments.
  • Alex doesn't think wide shots can be dramatic, Mikey think they can be.
  • Luke worries that it'll be B-grade if too close.
  • Derry thinks shot structure is important and it might work.
    Eg. Throws match towards screen.
  • Mikey's looking to look into his subconscious and go a bit deeper and abstract.
  • Alex likes to be shocked by the stabbing, Mikey going for a detachment, and not necessarily worried about the distance between audience and realistic characters.

Sam and Dan

  • Derry's thoughts a bit lost with all the characters coming in and out.
  • Sam: Relationship kind of thing theme, making himself sound a bit cooler,
    She breaks it off in the flashback. She ends it. Her dialogue is over the end piece of the flashback.
  • The girl Eve comes up behind him she's not talking from the bubble.
  • The dude boosts himself and talks himself up even though the real story wasn't as interesting
  • Alex:

Shane and Dan

  • Dave thinks they seem very young.
  • The top hill drive car is a cliché, but that is okay.
  • Alex: reckons the second half is more trailed off into a teenage bitchy kinda thing.
  • Alex: Probably don't go for the exposition
    Likes the anger, like's the lights dialogue.
  • Alex: perhaps something less full on with the cut to party scene, maybe they're all stoned “why doesn't he just fuck her?”
  • Dave: Doesn't think it gels right, takes it away, perhaps there's another way of doing it.
  • Derry: find something interesting to do with the phone, don't do what we expect.
    The best things are what we don't expect.

Ben's film

  • Derry: the moment is in the tea with shitty cups etc..
  • Alex: The film needs a subtle part where he decides not to go to Sydney.
  • Possum is great
  • Don't include movie talk

Alex's film

  • Alex wants to extend it, and announce the character's intentions more.
    Wants to use jump cuts, macro lens on the pill extended scene, faster and faster until the end when we have a climax.
  • Incredible detail cut with the wides/rest of film.

Dave's film

  • Fast food burger part is over-written,
  • Derry thinks 'if I worked in fast food I wouldn't give them a bun'
  • Fight needs to be impulsive, it's too late for it to become serious.
    Derry: If someone spat coke in my face, I'd get pretty angry straight away and If I'd spat coke I'd not back down.
  • Alex: Likes the build up.
  • Derry thinks they should find another way out of the car.
  • You want them to be pissed off.
    For example: Alex's Fight Club story. CAN HAPPEN.
    Nice constrast.
  • Interesting as an audience member to watch him getting angry, whereas the characters can't see this.
  • Need to get shocked out of our complacency.

Matt's film

The first paragraph should be the film.
The rest in uncessary.

Friday, April 30, 2010


One more meeting is needed before we all go and make shit happen.

6:30pm Next THURSDAY MAY 6
Derry's Studio, 25a Easey St, Collingwood

1. Please bring a one page treatment of your chosen idea. That means stepping through the whole film in prose. Paint your film in words.
We'll send the treatments around the group and get a response from people.

2. Make sure you read Derry's post 'BACK FROM LORNE' on the blog

3. Also bring some ideas about how we might screen the finished collection. What space? Who too?

If you totally can't make it then it'd still be great to have your treatment to hand around. Just email it too me and I'll print it out and take it proxy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have a radical idea.
It came to me when I was drifting to sleep, a small patch of dribble bleeding into my pillow:

We want our collaboration to be unique and powerful. We want to attract an audience who think our concept is cool. We want to challenge ourselves, both technically and creatively. In order to achieve these ambitions and to help bind the films together into a unified artistic statement, should we...

Monday, April 26, 2010

The carrot in your vomit

thought i might make a post finally.

i guess the idea im running with is:

Pre-Party: a guy walks up to the car, having just gotten a bottle of wine before the bottleshop closed. They sit in the car drinking wine and eating fast food, it'll be almost completely dialouge driven. Three of them talk shit for a few minutes before the silent one coats the driver with a strawfull of cola. This sparks a semi-serious play fight in which the four of them pair off to wrestle around the car. It starts to escalate as they start getting minor injuries and climaxes when one of them loses a bottle of wine to the ashphalt. They all stand around in stunned silence, which is only broken when one of them gets the text of the location to the party. the final shot is all four of them, sitting in the car, battered and bruised, driving to the party.

tell me what you think. i was toying with the idea of them all being on bikes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

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hey you guys are posting but are not following. click the follow link in the top right and then i will privatise the blog to keep out any potential prying eyes.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm going to start this week, as I have a couple of weeks in May that are nutso.

I posted a casting thing on AT2 a few days ago... I'm sure most of you know about it, but I didn't, and I put up the brief and got over 500 people interested in auditioning! WTF.


If anyone is interested helping out with the auditions, hit me up. I look 15 to people who don't know me, and last time I held auditions people thought it was all a joke.


I'm pumped.




alright, so we've been awol for some time in lorne but here are some of the fruits of our labors.

we've sorted out the party specifics for your scripts if you should chose to mention anything related to the party specifically:
  • Dawson St: Brunswick (Just over the level crossing) not sure of the number
  • scheduled for 9pm till late
  • housewarming
  • no theme
the members of the house holding the party are (you do not need to know them in your story) probably wont need so much info but just in case.
  • LOUISE age: 23 - a young artist, gets really trashy but seems innocent-ish
  • LEON age 28 - a sound engineer who knows a lot of local bands
  • KAT age 24 - student of the arts - works on weekends in a cafe
  1. all films must begin (1st SHOT) with an object (i.e. drink, dirt, cock, etc) entering someones mouth. this will act as our linking tool.
  2. maximum of 5 minutes duration
  3. maximum of $1000 in budget
  4. the films which will comprise the AUTOBUS will be selected by vote at the conclusion of all edits.
  5. all edits to be completed by june 30 2010 for voting and subsequent screening in early july 2010.

to think about
a friend offered a suggestion that it might be in our interests to have some common events within the event. so if firewo0rks went off on sydney road at midnight, the event might cross over a few films and provide a link point. if anyone has any ideas for such events post them here and we will have a finalised list by monday if eveyone thinks it is a good idea. the only problem i see is that it means we will be replaying time periods whereas i was hoping for a cronological progression of time (although obviously with gaps) with this in mind maybe events with longevity could work better.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Log line#3







10 FEET TEETH(eating all the bricks that build the houses in our streets)




Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smells Like Female

Party Film Collaboration Project

Working title: Smells Like Female

Smells Like Female will contain no dialog and be little more than a bombardment of dirty, visceral images thrust toward the audience. In this respect the idea is to create the cinematic equivalent of a Cramps song, hence the title.

What story there is revolves around a centre point of dude standing off to the side of this party observing the scene whilst strung out on acid with a Baptism of Uzi Soundtrack.

We slowly build as the first things he sees is whispering, touching and so on. From there we move on to making out and grabbing, pissing, vomiting and girls crying uncontrollably. (With this stuff obviously I’ll film most of it, but I was thinking it would be cool to some footage from other peoples film as well get some more linkage.)

Throughout all of these quick close ups I was also going to add three scenes;

- In a bathroom, the shot is into a mirror. In the reflection you can see two people having sex in the shower. An awesomely made up girl walksinto the bathroom wearing a white blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt, long black hair pulled back and right up, with bright red lip stick high lighted by her powder white face. She looks into the mirror and watches the young couple for a moment before turning back to her own reflection, pulling out her lip stick and writing ‘Baptism of Uzi’ in big red letters on the mirror. She looks at herself in her work with content, turns and exits. (Alex, if you were still doing your mirror story we could use the same mirror.)

- Around the back of the house two guys walk toward each other, stopping when they are a meter away. One pulls out a knife and sticks it in the other’s stomach. He doesn’t move or try to defend himself, simply takes it. He holds his ground for a moment before taking a step back. He looks down at the knife in his belly and when he looks back up at his attacker he wears a bloody smile. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a box of matches he lights one and flings it into the others chest who bursts quickly into flames. The stabbed man drops to his knees watching the other man burn.

- The Finale: Once the song is over and only feedback can be heard piecing through the soundtrack we see our main man walk alone into his dark house. He makes his way down the hallway and into his bedroom. He plugs in a cord that is attached to a small Christmas tree that sits on his T.V making the lights in the tree come on illuminating the room. He fumbles around the floor and pulls out a VHS tape and puts it in the player, the screen pops on and he takes off his clothes, gets into bed and props himself up on the pillows. A porno comes on the screen and as the feedback dies away the sound of the porno comes up as the camera pushes in on the screen until it becomes completely pixelated. (Joey if you were still keen about maybe doing that porno short, this could be an awesome lead into that.)

The End.


when the sun goes down we'll go out again.

one hell of a party.

guys do it better.

Smack. Crack. film.

The night- it never never end.

When the sun goes down.

Saturday night tales

Tales from the north

Melbourne on film.

Hide the shit

Guys are sitting around outside at the party. bored. stoned.
one of them comes up with a game: Hide the shit.

They all 'shotgun not' to play, but the last person to say 'shotgun not' has no choice.

So he goes into the kitchen, trying to act nonchalant. there are three people in the kitchen- one standing around, looking lost, and a guy and a girl leaning against the kitchen bench holding each other. he gets out the butter contatainer from the fridge and discretetly opens the microwave and puts it in. he sets the timer and stands there awkwardly next to the couple at the bench. he tries to make small talk- 'how bout this party huh?' They give him nothing.

The microwave beeps and he quickly opens it. he takes it out and hurries outside back to the guys. they ask him if he did it yet. he tells them that he can't shit- there's noting there. but they force him to man up and go behind a tree.

He does it. We stay with the group listening to him trying to shit. they're in hysterics. eventually he comes back. he pretend to tip the container on one of the guys. they tell him to put it back in the fridge.

He goes back inside with the container, smiles innocently at the couple at the bench- who give him a confused look- and puts it in the fridge. he slowly walks outside- laughing, and almost tip-toeing.

3 ways the ending could go- would appreciate feedback to decide

1. a drunk guy comes into the kitchen. He says to the couple at the bench "man, i'm fuckin' hungry! you guys want some toast?"

2. The screen fades to black before the drunk guy comes in.

3. It's now morning. a guy hung over goes to the fridge and gets the butter for his toast. he begins to spread it on. As the knife goes deeper into the container, an unusual BROWN is revealed. The guy looks curious.


Journey to the centre of the heart...

Journey to the centre of the drink...

Journey to the centre of the party

San Pelagrino (water for the rich)

A night like no other

Night is a build up to day

Snow White and the 7 magic carpet rides

Concerned with Deception

Crossing the line with my cock...

Home is were the sky is...

Home is were the party is...

Home is were the drinks are at...

Home is were that cute waitress i met today at the journal cafe is....

ON and OFF goes the strawberry kiss...


Snakes Alive. Tonight is Alright

Doosh service

DO you want fries with that face....

Caboose no autobus



What this is...







i have vomit breath that smells like worms

can you feel the love tonight?(not yet my pill hasn't kicked in)

RACK. the cocaine musical.

electric life

STREET WIZARDS (they fight by day and fuck by night)

melbourne weather Fucks any stranger in the arse



Suburban Submarine

Suburban Sluts..

fuck i should stop or this movie wont get made.....

GIRLFRIENDS ARE RAD....(whens Derry going to get one)

15 dudes make a movie...

Sausage fest the sequel







SOUTHGATES not a real name


someone gets stuck in a car boot

Some kids decied to play a party trick, so they put a guy in a car boot and leave him, they return to the party.....

the car gets stolen.....

the kids remember what they did "Fuck we left Derry in the boot" When they return
they find the car is stolen...


Monday, April 19, 2010

It doesn’t bother me

A guy leaves the party with a girl. They go for a drive. She’s on her phone texting a lot of the time, but still seems attracted to him. They drive to a nice spot up high on a hill- looking over the Northern Melbourne area. The guy’s intentions are clear. They sit there quietly for a while. They smile at each other. There is a great amount of sexual tension. They’re both too shy to make the first move. They make small talk: about the party; a film. There are several moments of silence. Several. The guy puts his hand up for a moment- contemplating making a move- but then puts it back down. The girl keeps texting on her phone.

The guy breaks the silence; saying ‘so…’ they both look at each other, the girl laughs then looks away. They talk about how there are so many lights in their view. She jokingly dares him to count them all. Then the guy comes up with an idea- he makes a bet with the girl: if he can count all the lights, she has to kiss him. She laughs for a moment and then agrees. The guy looks nervous. He starts counting quickly, making up the numbers- pretending to count. He laughs. ‘Uh, that’s eight hundred and… sixty ... seven.’ But he’s counted too quickly, the girl is unsatisfied: ‘what about that one over there? ... Did you get those ones there?’ The guy tries to make up for it, but the moment has gone. Silence returns.

Time passes. Then the guy is fed up. He asks her straight out: ‘do you want to kiss me?’ After a moment she responds: ‘it doesn’t bother me.’ This confuses the shit out of the guy. He doesn’t know what to say. After a moment he asks her what she means by that statement and she tells him that it doesn’t bother her. Bewilderment strikes the guy’s face.
He sits there for a moment. Then sighs, ‘alright.’ He turns the car back on. The girl is taken aback, but stays quiet. The guy is distraught. He releases the hand break and drives.


The suspect was armed with a cheese knife

The fucken party is to loud, you mother fuckers keep it down!

Because the party is so loud this film is in subtitles and the music is loud but muffled. A middle aged couple are very angry for not have been told of this occasion. They kinda have to yell at each other, then there is a knock at the door. It takes a few times before they actually here it but when they do they answer the door in anger.

This film could be just real simple or something could happen, like two men in balaclavas charge through tying up the couple and bashing them, stealing all their things,,, but no one can hear the screams cause the party is too loud. we can only read their screams ha ha ha ha



During the party Three friends climb onto the roof of the house, oh what a beautiful night.
They are very drunk and two start to fuck around when one find a frisbee ...
the smart friend alerts to the fact of danger and broken bones, but the two numb skulls keep throwing the frisbee back and forth,,,,, THis scene is of very high tension. The smart friend stops paying attention to the two as she is now distracted by something in the sky, she turns around and looks up as we see the other two still laughing and playing. The roof lights up as if its a helicopter or something but we only here a light radiant hum, the two guys playing around drop the frisbee as they are now caught by this spectile.

A U.F.O all three are just staring blankly past the camera in the sky. WE then cut to the party downstairs were someone asks were on of the friends is,,, "I DONT KNOW"

We cut back up to the roof were it is left empty and dark....... no one is in sight.

we never actually see the U.F.O



In one room of the paSee full size imagerty a couple retreat.
The girl uses the guy to block the door, she unzips his pants and pulls out his cock.
She gets down on her knees and before she sucks she comments
"This mouth is were the party's at"

We then enter roughly a 5 min Sex film possibly shot in super 8.

I guess this is a challenge to try and direct Physical penetration not for a porno but for a film.
well there kinda both films anyway, one just uses more viewer participation he he.


On one hand and on the other

Friends are driving to the party, drinking, laughing just generally having a blast.
But this ain't no T.A.C ad no sir it aint
The passenger behind the driver decides to stick his arm out the window to scream and shout, as he does so a vehicle of large proportions takes his hand off and into the darkness
Now it all happens!!!!! the passenger pulls his arm back in to reveal his missing limb, he is in shock and starts to scream "My fucking Hand..................."
Now the rest of the car knows whats going on, the driver does not know what to do but they need his hand if they are ever going to join it back on. The rest of the film is spent with the friends searching through the dark for the missing hand... about 5 mins of intence pain and anxiety.


True Lies Too

Set in an alley just off the party.
Boy and girl are talking.
New girl joins the group and kisses boy on lips. (her boyfriend)
Boy asks new girl 'where have you been?'
As she answers, we cut to the dialogue playing over the footage of her evening.
After she finishes, it cuts back to the group in the alley.
New boy arrives and kisses the first girl. (his girlfriend)
The first girl then asks 'Well what took you so long?'
He answers, we cut to the dialogue playing over the footage of his evening.
New boy afterwards asks original boy and girl 'So hows the party?'
They answer together explaining their night and we cut to the dialogue playing over the footage of their evening.
The footage though is slightly off what they are actually saying and we end with them fucking in the toilets. (possibly could tie this idea in with the couple fucking in Alex's idea)
Footage then cuts back to the group in the alley and we leave them in silence with their partners oblivious to being cheated on.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Invitation

Dave receives a note stating that his new neighbour is having a party in a few days time, although Dave himself is not invited, he should feel free to let his new neighbour know if the music on the night is too loud.

This would have been all fine for Dave, a retiring type by nature, but had it not been for the note itself, a vibrant mix of balloons and clouds, something more akin to a child’s party invite than a letter of rejection, not to mention the condescending tone of the piece was enough to inspire Dave to write back.

And oh how did he write, and write, and write. Trusting that the pen is not mightier than the sword, but rather, the pen is the fucking sword, Dave’s exchange of emails sends the Neighbour over the edge.

If your not going to invite a man, best not to let him know.

Autobus Logline – Party Is A Doing Word.
Just an idea.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

crazy kids

In hindsight- this is more of a script than a synopsis- but it's what I feel comfortable with.
Keen for feedback. Thanks.

Two 11 year old boys- TOM and JERRY- are in the kitchen, looking for food to eat.
It's Tom's house. His parents are out. His older brother- CHRIS- is in the shower, getting ready for the PARTY. He can faintly be heard (poorly) singing a Stones song.
Jerry complains to Tom.

'There's never anything goo to eat at your place!'
'Well mum only shops once a week.'

Suddenly, there is a KNOCK at the door. The boys race to the door. They open it to greet a guy in his mid 20's. The guy is smoking a cigarette and holds a container of chocolate brownies. He looks surprised by the boys:

'Hey. Uh.. is Chris home?'
'Nah, he's in the shower...'
'Oh, um.. can you just tell him that I can't come tonight... and give him these.'
The guy hands over the container slowly, doubting the boy's intentions.
'Uh... yeah... thanks.'
'Thanks dude.'

Tom takes the container inside and closes the door. Jerry smiles and grabs the container and goes to the coffee table in the living room and puts it down.

Jerry- 'Alright! Brownies!'
'What are they?'
'You've never had chocolate brownies before?'
'Oh Tom, you're missin' out! My Grandma makes them all the time!'
'Well that guy said they were for Chris...'
'He won't mind. We'll only have a couple!'

Jerry opens the container and grabs a brownie and takes a bite. Tom does the same.

'....Oh.. wow.'
'...these taste different to my Grandma's.'
Tom moves his jaw around slowly.
'Is your mouth meant to go numb?'

Jump cut a brief montage of boys: taking several bites of the brownies; being amazed by their skin; laughing and smiling; going back for more brownies; hugging each other;

They sit on the couch spaced out.

Chris comes downstairs to where the boys are. He looks at the boy's motionless bodies, and then quickly to the half empty container on the table. Stunned.

CUT to Tom's POV: everything in the frame is psychedelic- the colours; objects movings around; the room is like a lava lamp. Through Tom's ears, we hear Chris' distorted voice. It's barely audible:


The guys laugh hysterically.

CUT back to room

The guys laugh silently.


Chris pulls Tom up by the collar with both hands. Tom opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out- it's as if he's forgotten how to communicate. He stumbles around the room whilst Tom slurs:


Jerry laughs (silently) at this.

Chris throws his hands up in the air in dismay.

Tom laughs. Then looks worried. Then throws up all over the table- including the container.

the morning after

So, here is my initial rough concept. It is bare bones and as such i will update over the next week. Keen for critical feedback. I don't actually know how it ends, or what the discussions are going to be about at this stage.

TIME: 11:00am the morning after

A young guy with faded face paint lies awake in a double bed. The sheets next to him have been pulled aside as though someone has left the room. The room is minimal. Sun is pushing through the windows and conversation can be heard outside. He lies there alone scanning the room with his eyes. He stares at the only poster on the wall. It is the Andy Warhol banana. He rolls over on his chest and exhales heavily.

Cut to black and white super 8 montage. Vaseline on lens. All shot as POV. Walking through a party. Looking at himself in the mirror. Standing in a corner looking at shoes and up to a crowd. Hand holding 2 tabs. Street lights, girls head enters frame. Girl talking to camera. Girl leads guy inside. Girl lying naked on bed looking confused. Playing scrabble.

The guy rolls back onto his back. He looks toward the door. Outside the conversation continues. The guy in the bed listens. He starts masturbating. He stops, frustrated.

A girl’s voice joins the conversation outside. Their voices go really soft. It is hard to make out what they are saying. They all laugh. They talk about the mess outside and soon the male voices say goodbye and they can be heard leaving. Silence.

The guy in the room sits up in bed. He looks unhappy and confused. He scrambles for his shirt on the floor and begins to pull it on. There is a knock at the window. He freezes. There is another knock. He shuffles across the bed and pulls the curtain aside. There is a girl on the other side. She is smoking a cigarette. He talks to her through the glass.

Black Guys in St Kilda

Great Job Derry!

Ok, so here is my Synopsis:

An Asian boy is on his way to a party, dressed to the nines.
He has the address in hand, and as he arrives at the house, although it doesn't look completely right, he hears music coming from that general direction, so he rings the doorbell.
A religious Jewish family answer and sit him at a table. To shy and awkward, he goes along with it.
He then endures a 3 -4 hour Passover feast, all the while hearing the party next door and seeing vague evidence of it throughout the night.
At the end of the night he leaves, not saying anything, and walks home.

The End.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010




We watch a range of different people using the facilities at the house party. The action is viewed through the reflection in the mirror. The music throbs through the walls.

George nervously shelves a pill.
Young Simon fills a UDL can with water.
Jade applies mascara and smears a touch of perfume in between her legs.
Bridgette squats on the toilet texting on her phone.
Chris tries to kiss his mate James who reacts in shock.
Bridgette takes an electric toothbrush out of her hand bag and brushes her teeth.
Penny swigs her rum and checks her ass in the mirror.
Jade bends over the sink while James fucks her from behind.
Chris applies lipstick and cries.
Young Simon sways and spues on the floor.
Eddie avoids the pool of spue and takes a piss without touching anything.
George splashes his face with water and touches his gums, fascinated. He dances in a circle and slips over in the pool of spue. He laughs.

it's happening...

here it is.