Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Invitation

Dave receives a note stating that his new neighbour is having a party in a few days time, although Dave himself is not invited, he should feel free to let his new neighbour know if the music on the night is too loud.

This would have been all fine for Dave, a retiring type by nature, but had it not been for the note itself, a vibrant mix of balloons and clouds, something more akin to a child’s party invite than a letter of rejection, not to mention the condescending tone of the piece was enough to inspire Dave to write back.

And oh how did he write, and write, and write. Trusting that the pen is not mightier than the sword, but rather, the pen is the fucking sword, Dave’s exchange of emails sends the Neighbour over the edge.

If your not going to invite a man, best not to let him know.

Autobus Logline – Party Is A Doing Word.
Just an idea.


  1. Hey Dude,

    My general paranoia hinders my ability to divulge anymore, I could email you the 2nd draft when I have finished it.

  2. wheels. can you reveal a little more? what are we going to be seeing for the duration of the film. will it be mostly writing or physical interactions? is it a childrens party?

    check out the new post. we've laid down some ground rules about the party.

  3. I like the conflict.
    Visually it could be a challenge to make the reading of notes and the writing of emails engaging.
    Maybe there are other ways he could retaliate rather than typing.
    For instance, if he was a WWII nut who dresses in camouflage and watches the dambusters on VHS he
    could meticulously fill water balloons with urine and lob them over the fence at 2400 hours.

  4. I imagined the pen/sword phrase quite literally when I read it which could make for a very dark climax. Maybe too dark for the rest of the projects.

  5. Hahaha I love Dambusters.

    Or he could be some socially challenged guy who doesn't get it, and thinks it is an invitation.

    Proceeds to get involved in situation he doesn't understand/like