Monday, April 19, 2010

On one hand and on the other

Friends are driving to the party, drinking, laughing just generally having a blast.
But this ain't no T.A.C ad no sir it aint
The passenger behind the driver decides to stick his arm out the window to scream and shout, as he does so a vehicle of large proportions takes his hand off and into the darkness
Now it all happens!!!!! the passenger pulls his arm back in to reveal his missing limb, he is in shock and starts to scream "My fucking Hand..................."
Now the rest of the car knows whats going on, the driver does not know what to do but they need his hand if they are ever going to join it back on. The rest of the film is spent with the friends searching through the dark for the missing hand... about 5 mins of intence pain and anxiety.



  1. love it jo. i like that the film is more about the search for the hand than a build up to the hand severing. sounds interesting.

  2. Great. Do they find the hand? Intense pain and anxiety and good dialogue wh9ile they are searching in very low light could make this a cracker.

  3. This sounds very dialogue heavy, Tarantino-esque in a way. Maybe an animal steals the hand and they have to chase it down? Maybe it gets eaten.

  4. They find it.

    Truck runs over it, turns to paste.

    Ohhh yeaaah!!

  5. It would be cool if the opening dialog was just like a TAC ad. Then snap! insanity. Awesome.