Friday, April 23, 2010


alright, so we've been awol for some time in lorne but here are some of the fruits of our labors.

we've sorted out the party specifics for your scripts if you should chose to mention anything related to the party specifically:
  • Dawson St: Brunswick (Just over the level crossing) not sure of the number
  • scheduled for 9pm till late
  • housewarming
  • no theme
the members of the house holding the party are (you do not need to know them in your story) probably wont need so much info but just in case.
  • LOUISE age: 23 - a young artist, gets really trashy but seems innocent-ish
  • LEON age 28 - a sound engineer who knows a lot of local bands
  • KAT age 24 - student of the arts - works on weekends in a cafe
  1. all films must begin (1st SHOT) with an object (i.e. drink, dirt, cock, etc) entering someones mouth. this will act as our linking tool.
  2. maximum of 5 minutes duration
  3. maximum of $1000 in budget
  4. the films which will comprise the AUTOBUS will be selected by vote at the conclusion of all edits.
  5. all edits to be completed by june 30 2010 for voting and subsequent screening in early july 2010.

to think about
a friend offered a suggestion that it might be in our interests to have some common events within the event. so if firewo0rks went off on sydney road at midnight, the event might cross over a few films and provide a link point. if anyone has any ideas for such events post them here and we will have a finalised list by monday if eveyone thinks it is a good idea. the only problem i see is that it means we will be replaying time periods whereas i was hoping for a cronological progression of time (although obviously with gaps) with this in mind maybe events with longevity could work better.


  1. wheels has raised some interesting points.

    these are the answers to his questions.

    the house will not be featured. the address is just for a dialogue based reference if you need one. it is best if we don't identify the exterior of the house unless it is only identified in one piece.

    the house owners bios are also for dialogue reference only. i don't think that we should ever see the owners unless it happens that we only see them in one film or if anyone who wants to use them can use the same actor/s.

    the linking action of something entering a mouth is to signal the beginning of a new piece and to highlight their connectivity with the other pieces. although it could be gimmicky... anything could be gimmicky. make sure your application of the rule is not gimmicky. we are in the fortunate position that if the entry points do not work as a linking device we should be able to edit them out.

    how does everyone feel about the final 'to think about' point?

  2. I think the whole fireworks thing/re-occuring thing could be good, but up to people to work out whether they want to do it or not.
    /and what it will be.

    It'd be good for it not to be a big deal too, not like oh wow look at the fireworks!
    More like you could hear the sound in the background, or see it in a passing window shot etc etc..

  3. It wouldn't really work in with my film, but I think it would be great to see through out two or three.