Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smells Like Female

Party Film Collaboration Project

Working title: Smells Like Female

Smells Like Female will contain no dialog and be little more than a bombardment of dirty, visceral images thrust toward the audience. In this respect the idea is to create the cinematic equivalent of a Cramps song, hence the title.

What story there is revolves around a centre point of dude standing off to the side of this party observing the scene whilst strung out on acid with a Baptism of Uzi Soundtrack.

We slowly build as the first things he sees is whispering, touching and so on. From there we move on to making out and grabbing, pissing, vomiting and girls crying uncontrollably. (With this stuff obviously I’ll film most of it, but I was thinking it would be cool to some footage from other peoples film as well get some more linkage.)

Throughout all of these quick close ups I was also going to add three scenes;

- In a bathroom, the shot is into a mirror. In the reflection you can see two people having sex in the shower. An awesomely made up girl walksinto the bathroom wearing a white blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt, long black hair pulled back and right up, with bright red lip stick high lighted by her powder white face. She looks into the mirror and watches the young couple for a moment before turning back to her own reflection, pulling out her lip stick and writing ‘Baptism of Uzi’ in big red letters on the mirror. She looks at herself in her work with content, turns and exits. (Alex, if you were still doing your mirror story we could use the same mirror.)

- Around the back of the house two guys walk toward each other, stopping when they are a meter away. One pulls out a knife and sticks it in the other’s stomach. He doesn’t move or try to defend himself, simply takes it. He holds his ground for a moment before taking a step back. He looks down at the knife in his belly and when he looks back up at his attacker he wears a bloody smile. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a box of matches he lights one and flings it into the others chest who bursts quickly into flames. The stabbed man drops to his knees watching the other man burn.

- The Finale: Once the song is over and only feedback can be heard piecing through the soundtrack we see our main man walk alone into his dark house. He makes his way down the hallway and into his bedroom. He plugs in a cord that is attached to a small Christmas tree that sits on his T.V making the lights in the tree come on illuminating the room. He fumbles around the floor and pulls out a VHS tape and puts it in the player, the screen pops on and he takes off his clothes, gets into bed and props himself up on the pillows. A porno comes on the screen and as the feedback dies away the sound of the porno comes up as the camera pushes in on the screen until it becomes completely pixelated. (Joey if you were still keen about maybe doing that porno short, this could be an awesome lead into that.)

The End.


  1. So it seems like you're just making a film clip for Baptism of Uzi. I'm not sure how it would fit with all of the other films.
    They seem like fairly generic visceral images: sex, violence and sex again.
    The bathroom scene feels like it would just be vulgar. And I don't understand the scene outside with the guy getting lit on fire. how would this happen?

  2. is this going to be a film clip mikey? sounds visually interesting. are there reasons for what happens or is it all in theme with the music?

  3. I like it.
    I think that having the main guy as the observer will tie things together nicely. Are other people at the part enjoying themselves outrageously? This might contrast well with him. Perhaps it would be nice if there is a building of tension until eventually main observer intervenes in the visceral action.
    Maybe he fails in some way and so goes home for the big wank. Maybe he's the one that gets stabbed. And then it could be a wounded wank. Even more visceral!
    Fire could present a production challenge but I don't have a problem with sex, violence and sex again. Great name for a band even.

  4. Mikey I get your direction that you're heading in.

    Some interesting stuff going on and some good images.

    I worry that the whole band plug stuff might be a bit over the top.

    In terms of the film as a whole attempting to keep a narrative structure, this could be somewhat jarring, though I think there is a place for something like this somewhere in it.
    Fear and loathing style.
    Provided it's not taxing and drawn out.

    It could be weird to enter into a music video clip when the audience is conditioned to 'story mode'.

    That stabbing scene is a little bit reminiscent of Buffalo Soldiers IMHO