Friday, May 7, 2010

Blog goes South

From the ashtray, cigarette smoke drifts toward the ceiling. The dim light bulb in the kitchen illuminates Frank as he sits at the end of the table. His cigarettes and a glass of neat scotch sit side by side, like little toy soldiers as if waiting for their next assignment.

Music, laughter and chaos spill into Frank’s kitchen from a noisy gathering in the adjoining house. He sits in silence staring straight ahead. A big sip of scotch, he sniffs and takes a long drag of the cigarette. Franks sits in silence.

In the front garden, revellers arrive at the party next door, casually tossing empty bottles into the garden as if the world was their oyster.

Frank peeks suspiciously out his front door as if he was unsure what to expect from the night fallen sky. A raucous bunch of young twenty something’s drink from long necks and smoke cigarettes whilst leaning against Frank’s fence.

A empty liquor bottle is picked up off the grass. Two green beer bottles are thrown into a recycling bin. A broken wine glass is swept to one side. A bent stem on a glorious flower stem is snapped and hangs there, swinging gently side-to-side.

Frank sits in the shadows of his porch, his old brown leather chair squeaks as he eases into it. Frank sits in silence.

A young girl creeps into the front yard holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a white balloon in the other. She positions herself behind a bush shielding herself from the road. Squatting and pants down she begins to urinate. The white balloon gives away her location as the front door of the house swings closed.

Frank sits back down at his kitchen table, the fridge buzzes, the music outside is louder now, a loud crash comes from the side of the house.

Scotch cascades into a glass over ice. The doorbell rings. At the door, the young girl sways side to side staring at Frank. Still holding the balloon and wine she asks him if he would like a drink, Frank closes the front door.

In the kitchen sink Frank rinses two glasses.

Frank overturns a dusty wooden box on the porch and motions for the young girl to sit in his chair. Frank pours two generous glasses of amber liquid. They drink and watch the partygoers out the front in a comfortable silence, refill their glasses, smoke cigarettes, and drink. All in a comfortable silence as if the shadows of the porch were some magic cocoon from the outside world.

The night goes on as the party becomes more and more wild.

The young girl hands Frank a sparkler. He smiles, lights it with his cigarette. She lights her own and wanders out into the front yard and onto the crowded street. Frank sits in silence, his sparkler burns, and fizzes. Frank sits in silence.


I thought our epic three hour love-in was a cracking success. There's some great ideas floating around and I feel like films are actually going to get made which is great.

People feel free to post new drafts or completely new ideas on this blog if you want to continue to get critical feedback.
Those who couldn't make it or send in their idea it may be a good idea to post it to gauge the groups support, make sure it fits in the chronology and we're not repeating ourselves, and get some handy feedback.

We decided in the meeting that each party does not have to be specifically the same party. You don't need to shoot at the same location or include the same address. Rather, the films will all represent a night of parties across Melbourne town, say SATURDAY JUNE 15.
Remember to start your film with something going into somebody's mouth. Doesn't have to be a close up, just a motif to link the films.

Warehouse screening and ACMI were floated ideas. I personally think that we should embrace a gritty urban Melbourne and have the event in a suitable location (like Mikey's warehouse).
Still open to ideas but a group of organisers will need to be convened by the end of the month. So let us know if you're interested in organising the screening and any rad ideas you might have.


I've just pasted Ben's minutes of the meeting below.

Jimmy's Film (Get off my lawn guy & Balloon girl)

  • Love the girl
  • Love the sparkler – this is awesome
  • Alex not sure about the close ups of whiskeys (I don't have a problem with whiskeys- A)
  • Pleasantly surprised that he just wanted company, on the outside a bit of a clint eastwood style fellow. Nice.
  • Would a girl do that? - Perhaps she needs a trigger.
    Is this to be a surreal situation or realistic where perhaps she notices him on the balcony or he lights a cigarette to reveal himself etc..
  • Derry personally sees this is not surreal.

Derry's Film (Jogger)

  • Not sure about the whole acid thing
  • Derry says it's a work in process, dialogue isn't written.
  • Derry more keen on second one, second one seems better got Alex's imagination
  • Alex things it should be early morning, shouldn't find his way home, perhaps he ends with his rolling cigarette, and jogger runs past.\
  • Jogger is a good acid related link.
  • Get an abandoned street, early morning light is gold.
    Perhaps inbetween Brunswick and Nicholson st.
    Abandoned buildings
  • Dave liked the first one more, as it was something very hard thing to write.
    Alex says it's more in his head, strange. Second one my grounded more visual.
  • Alex: Sounds of gravel crunching, touches car and alarm goes on.
    Could be funny.

Mikey's Film (Baptism of Uzi)

  • Derry think's this is the peak, where everyone loses their shit.
    Two or so hours that are completely lost.
  • Would be nice to have some quiet time. After Anita's?
  • Derry says it's a work in process, dialogue isn't written.
  • Mikey will shoot with Baptism of Uzi and without, to see whether it works.
    It is a driving powerful song, so perhaps it will work with it.
  • Derry thinks it will be a good film clip, but we should tailor away from it to make it into a short film.
  • Mikey is attempting to make it into a cool piece.
  • Luke: Unsure how to shoot final fire shot.
    Mikey: Long shot with one closeup. - Manikin drenches in fuel.
  • Stand totally still. Will look ridiculous but cool.
  • Derry not sure whether Manikin will work. In terms of realness.
    Could fall into skit territory, look funny but not really real.
    Derry doesn't get anything out of these moments.
  • Alex doesn't think wide shots can be dramatic, Mikey think they can be.
  • Luke worries that it'll be B-grade if too close.
  • Derry thinks shot structure is important and it might work.
    Eg. Throws match towards screen.
  • Mikey's looking to look into his subconscious and go a bit deeper and abstract.
  • Alex likes to be shocked by the stabbing, Mikey going for a detachment, and not necessarily worried about the distance between audience and realistic characters.

Sam and Dan

  • Derry's thoughts a bit lost with all the characters coming in and out.
  • Sam: Relationship kind of thing theme, making himself sound a bit cooler,
    She breaks it off in the flashback. She ends it. Her dialogue is over the end piece of the flashback.
  • The girl Eve comes up behind him she's not talking from the bubble.
  • The dude boosts himself and talks himself up even though the real story wasn't as interesting
  • Alex:

Shane and Dan

  • Dave thinks they seem very young.
  • The top hill drive car is a cliché, but that is okay.
  • Alex: reckons the second half is more trailed off into a teenage bitchy kinda thing.
  • Alex: Probably don't go for the exposition
    Likes the anger, like's the lights dialogue.
  • Alex: perhaps something less full on with the cut to party scene, maybe they're all stoned “why doesn't he just fuck her?”
  • Dave: Doesn't think it gels right, takes it away, perhaps there's another way of doing it.
  • Derry: find something interesting to do with the phone, don't do what we expect.
    The best things are what we don't expect.

Ben's film

  • Derry: the moment is in the tea with shitty cups etc..
  • Alex: The film needs a subtle part where he decides not to go to Sydney.
  • Possum is great
  • Don't include movie talk

Alex's film

  • Alex wants to extend it, and announce the character's intentions more.
    Wants to use jump cuts, macro lens on the pill extended scene, faster and faster until the end when we have a climax.
  • Incredible detail cut with the wides/rest of film.

Dave's film

  • Fast food burger part is over-written,
  • Derry thinks 'if I worked in fast food I wouldn't give them a bun'
  • Fight needs to be impulsive, it's too late for it to become serious.
    Derry: If someone spat coke in my face, I'd get pretty angry straight away and If I'd spat coke I'd not back down.
  • Alex: Likes the build up.
  • Derry thinks they should find another way out of the car.
  • You want them to be pissed off.
    For example: Alex's Fight Club story. CAN HAPPEN.
    Nice constrast.
  • Interesting as an audience member to watch him getting angry, whereas the characters can't see this.
  • Need to get shocked out of our complacency.

Matt's film

The first paragraph should be the film.
The rest in uncessary.

Friday, April 30, 2010


One more meeting is needed before we all go and make shit happen.

6:30pm Next THURSDAY MAY 6
Derry's Studio, 25a Easey St, Collingwood

1. Please bring a one page treatment of your chosen idea. That means stepping through the whole film in prose. Paint your film in words.
We'll send the treatments around the group and get a response from people.

2. Make sure you read Derry's post 'BACK FROM LORNE' on the blog

3. Also bring some ideas about how we might screen the finished collection. What space? Who too?

If you totally can't make it then it'd still be great to have your treatment to hand around. Just email it too me and I'll print it out and take it proxy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have a radical idea.
It came to me when I was drifting to sleep, a small patch of dribble bleeding into my pillow:

We want our collaboration to be unique and powerful. We want to attract an audience who think our concept is cool. We want to challenge ourselves, both technically and creatively. In order to achieve these ambitions and to help bind the films together into a unified artistic statement, should we...

Monday, April 26, 2010

The carrot in your vomit

thought i might make a post finally.

i guess the idea im running with is:

Pre-Party: a guy walks up to the car, having just gotten a bottle of wine before the bottleshop closed. They sit in the car drinking wine and eating fast food, it'll be almost completely dialouge driven. Three of them talk shit for a few minutes before the silent one coats the driver with a strawfull of cola. This sparks a semi-serious play fight in which the four of them pair off to wrestle around the car. It starts to escalate as they start getting minor injuries and climaxes when one of them loses a bottle of wine to the ashphalt. They all stand around in stunned silence, which is only broken when one of them gets the text of the location to the party. the final shot is all four of them, sitting in the car, battered and bruised, driving to the party.

tell me what you think. i was toying with the idea of them all being on bikes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

anita and mikey are still not followers of the blog

hey you guys are posting but are not following. click the follow link in the top right and then i will privatise the blog to keep out any potential prying eyes.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm going to start this week, as I have a couple of weeks in May that are nutso.

I posted a casting thing on AT2 a few days ago... I'm sure most of you know about it, but I didn't, and I put up the brief and got over 500 people interested in auditioning! WTF.


If anyone is interested helping out with the auditions, hit me up. I look 15 to people who don't know me, and last time I held auditions people thought it was all a joke.


I'm pumped.