Monday, April 19, 2010


The suspect was armed with a cheese knife

The fucken party is to loud, you mother fuckers keep it down!

Because the party is so loud this film is in subtitles and the music is loud but muffled. A middle aged couple are very angry for not have been told of this occasion. They kinda have to yell at each other, then there is a knock at the door. It takes a few times before they actually here it but when they do they answer the door in anger.

This film could be just real simple or something could happen, like two men in balaclavas charge through tying up the couple and bashing them, stealing all their things,,, but no one can hear the screams cause the party is too loud. we can only read their screams ha ha ha ha



  1. This is cool. I like the idea of not being able to hear what they're saying- only subtitles.
    Maybe instead of the men in balaclavas it's just a bunch of people from the party that come in and break shit.

  2. Excellent. We think that the film is about the couple's stress over the party and the noise and the focus of the audience is on this struggle and then suddenly out of nowhere some unrelated clockwork orange type guys storm the house and brutalise.
    Then maybe a finishing shot of people at the party giggling and doing nangs.

  3. Subtitles is also excellent

  4. This is evil. I'm assuming you've seen "Funny Games" by Haneke. Unlike that film this needs more than just sheer violence and destruction for shock value. A more comedic approach could do it but you could still use dark/black humour. I like the idea of being made to laugh at what we aren't meant to. This could also tie into Alex's bathroom sequence if you feature one of the dudes there. We could identify him by his mask.

  5. Agreement with Luke, unfunny things are so funny.

  6. Awesome so much fun to be had. (Your really obsessed with these nangs aren't ya alex.)