Monday, April 19, 2010


During the party Three friends climb onto the roof of the house, oh what a beautiful night.
They are very drunk and two start to fuck around when one find a frisbee ...
the smart friend alerts to the fact of danger and broken bones, but the two numb skulls keep throwing the frisbee back and forth,,,,, THis scene is of very high tension. The smart friend stops paying attention to the two as she is now distracted by something in the sky, she turns around and looks up as we see the other two still laughing and playing. The roof lights up as if its a helicopter or something but we only here a light radiant hum, the two guys playing around drop the frisbee as they are now caught by this spectile.

A U.F.O all three are just staring blankly past the camera in the sky. WE then cut to the party downstairs were someone asks were on of the friends is,,, "I DONT KNOW"

We cut back up to the roof were it is left empty and dark....... no one is in sight.

we never actually see the U.F.O



  1. I really like the start of this. it's a cool image- these guys mucking around on the roof. but I don't know how i feel about the UFO. I'm not against sci-fis, but I wouldn't really think it'd be a genre of this film. Maybe that's just me. But in saying that, it could be a strong contrast to the other film's genres.

  2. i like it, because we never see the source of the light. it could be anything. i keep thinking of the final scene in noise. but with no noise. i do however, think the porno and the hand are stronger.

  3. Not your best one in my opinion joey

  4. It is quite strange and as Dan says, maybe unfitting with the rest of the films.

  5. Then they all got stoned and EVERYTHING MADE SENSE.

  6. WE never actually see the ufo so it could be some greater being. i think if done correctly provoke thought s of beyond